[[t]ˈnɛs əˌsɛr i[/t]] adj. n. pl. -sar•ies
1) essential, indispensable, or requisite:
a necessary part of the motor[/ex]
2) cvb happening or existing by necessity; unavoidable:
a necessary change in our plans[/ex]
3) acting or proceeding from compulsion or necessity; involuntary
4) pho logic
a) (of a proposition) such that a denial of it involves a self-contradiction
b) (of an inference or argument) such that its conclusion cannot be false if its supporting premises are true
c) (of a condition) such that it must exist if a given event is to occur or a given thing is to exist
Compare sufficient 2)
5) something necessary or requisite; necessity
6) dial. Chiefly New Eng. a privy or toilet
Etymology: 1300–50; ME < L necessārius unavoidable, inevitable, needful nec′es•sar`i•ness, n. syn: necessary, requisite, indispensable, essential indicate something that cannot be done without. necessary refers to something needed for existence, for proper functioning, or for a particular purpose: Food is necessary for life. Sugar is a necessary ingredient in this recipe. requisite refers to something required for a particular purpose or by particular circumstances: She has the requisite qualifications for the job. indispensable means absolutely necessary to achieve a particular purpose or to complete or perfect a unit: He made himself indispensable in the laboratory. essential refers to something that is part of the basic nature or character of a thing and is vital to its existence or functioning: Water is essential to life.

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